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  Sometimes you just cannot listen to the live broadcast . Life has a way of getting in the way of your efforts to enjoy Grace . The Archives page is for those times . Also the Archives Page is for those of you who just found us !! Welcome !!.. This is a list of past radio shows so you can go back in time and listen to every single radio show and be as current as the other listeners are .. So ' click " on the radio tower and you will be on the Archives Page ...


  A collection of the radio shows Host's writings . Thoughts and theories based on making scripture and life come together in a very easy to read and common sense fashion . The personal thoughts of the Host and his experience and growth with discovering Grace and how Grace is easier to enjoy than most believe . To provide perspectives and points of views that perhaps will display ways to implement Grace into your daily life .


  The " Home Page " is just that " Home " !! The main page that provides all the information on how to contact the radio show . How to participate during a live broadcast . Plus provide all the directions to navigate to all of the radio shows web site pages .

" The Benevolent Grace "  Internet Radio Show

Welcome to the Internet Radio Show " The Benevolent Grace " !

The Benevolent Grace Radio show is a radio show where a group of people scattered across the globe have come together to share Grace. To seek out information that will allow a person to find the comfort provided by a positive and thriving relationship with Christ. The type of relationship that is talked about among friends and family yet rarely ever achieved. Not because a person is not good enough or close enough to God ! It is due to the fact so many individuals try to make Grace fit their lives instead of them fitting the life of Grace... " The Benevolent Grace Radio Show " is here to assist and guide those who seek to bring that divine spark in all of us to the light of day... Scripture describes a Church as a place where people come together to share their success stories and experiences with Grace. Not a place where people congregate to suffer and become caught up in religious ceremonies and words of sin and sinner .. Please consider joining us,.. to learn from each other. To identify the inner energy that is Grace that we all have been provided by our Father. Ladies and Gentleman,.. Welcome to " The Benevolent Grace " Internet Radio Show....

Contacting The Benevolent Grace Internet Radio Show:
There are a variety of ways to actively participate in the radio show. You can send an email into the show during the live radio show. Or pick up a telephone and call the radio show. We have a post office box for traditional mail as well. All contacts to the show will be acknowledged in some form or fashion ! Either during the live radio show or at some period of time when the radio show is not being broadcasted live. We will make sure that you are heard and acknowledged ! Email or whatever you wish to state or be heard on, during a live radio show. Any topic or issue is permissible and acceptable. 

          Emailing: When sending an email to the radio show you are listening to, make sure to specify at the very start of your Email as to whether you wish your name to be mentioned on the radio show. All emails will be read on the radio show unless you the sender makes sure to say " Do not read this email on the show ".
To contact the show, send your emails to > thebenevolentgrace@gmail.com < you can send us Emails 24/7. Please allow a week for your emails to be replied to when emails are sent other than when the radio show is live on Tuesday evenings.

          Telephone Number: 918 - 366 - 4626

          Mailing Address: The Benevolent Grace Internet Radio Show, P.O. Box 68, Bixby, Oklahoma 74008

Your telephone number, email address, mailing address will not ever be sold or given out to any group, organization, club or persons. We value and respect your rights to privacy !

Please keep in mind that The Benevolent Grace Internet Radio Show is not a simple " podcast " type of transmission. It is genuine Internet Radio ! Which means some older devices, or smaller computers that do not have a lot of " data storage ". Along with basic prepaid and smaller cellular telephones may experience difficulties in maintaining a steady connection with the live internet radio show broadcast. These types of devices may not have the capabilities to accept the bandwidth and the amount of sound storage required to make it possible for you to listen to the live radio show.  Sorry for any inconveniences, we look forward to having you join us during the live broadcast.

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