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Theories For Your Consideration

Webster’s New World Dictionary > Has this to say about the word " THEORIES " ….. From the Greek word " theorein ”, to view 1. a speculative plan 2. a formulation of underlying principles of certain observed phenomenon which has been verified to some degree  3. the principles of an art or science rather than its practice 4. a conjecture; guess
……. WOW !!!........ OK ??? .... That is so easy to understand !... Right ??? ………

After deciding to develop a radio show patterned on scripture and believing in the grace of God, witnessing prayers being answered with the authority of Jesus, watching the Holy Spirit taking the grace and love of God and delivering healing after healing, you start to have questions as to the truth and facts surrounding certain theories and unnatural worldly traditional doctrine on just how to pray. Also exactly how a person should pray for results in their lives. Just writing about this seems such a daunting task let alone something that can be navigated by a person who is hurting or in need of life changing counsel. Sometimes a new and separate point of view can be very enlightening along with assisting in learning something new. The following writings are offered for your consideration to possibly have some ways to view Gods grace and love, in a way that can be of help to those who find themselves in a confused or dismayed state. Or who are just looking for information and enlightenment.


Spiritual "Shop Vac" Theory
BJ Rickard

A spiritual shop vac! Perhaps the best place to start with this particular "THEORY" is to begin by explaining and describing what exactly a shop vac is . A shop vac is a metal canister that is about half the size of your basic old fashion metal garbage can. It has a motor on the top lid which is nothing more than a commercial grade heavy duty vacuum. Shop vacs are a very strong vacuum, they can pick up anything! Water, nails, pieces of small wood chips, little rocks and gravel… Literally anything that can pass through the 2 inch intake suction tube! A shop vac or officially "SHOP VACUUM" is a very powerful vacuum cleaner for industrial types of situations. Now that you know what a "shop vac" is, I will move on straight away to describe what a major problem and a very huge road block in so many Christian’s lives a spiritual shop vac has become. So much so is this very sad thing a regular and common place occurrence most never even give it a passing thought, that such a "GRACE BLOCKER" even actually exist! Or can happen without anyone truly being aware of it getting in the way of God’s grace and even prayers being heard by Christ or answered!

We go about our days trying to pay bills and making every attempt to enjoy this most unnatural of worlds. Family and friends, perhaps hobbies and trying to make the best of this life on earth. Always hoping and having a connection with God that will provide guidance and a very inner peace of mind that things will always be just fine. Jesus watches over us and we can relax in the salvation and just be a good person and enjoy our Father’s love and his abiding presence in our lives. This sounds so natural and so peaceful and positive. Something most might really be convinced is theirs and they having no worries and they are one with God and life is truly as the Bible describes for them… A life of love and a destiny, to finally at one point to actually go home. To heaven and be with God for eternity with certainty, to actually enjoy what the scriptures describe and promise.

Yet if a person truly has such a connection and the grace of God is in their life. Then why do prayers go unanswered or so much trouble and strife enter and remain in a person’s life? Ask and you shall receive! All sins are forgiven! So much power in these two short very profound statements to us all!!……..

So then what is wrong? Why does it seem that we ask and do not receive? It can really haunt you and literally discourage a person from continuing with their personal beliefs. How many years and how many trials and tribulations does it take before a person gets fatigued and discouraged about praying to God and never receiving any results? Before they feel in their heart that there is now God. Or that they themselves are not worthy of such grace and love? How many of you that is reading this right now has asked this very thing so many times in your life? What or where is the disconnect or road block between your spirit and the Holy Spirit? Obviously there is something wrong somewhere on some level? Otherwise your life would be full of peace and love and all your prayers would be answered right as the thought crossed into your mind. Which by the way is supposed to be the way it works? Try reading about this very topic in your Bible…

Now possibly consider this! What if there is a person or a specific event or even just a small situation in your own personal life that is the roadblock? All it takes is the slightest of question about does Christ even exist? Can praying really work? Am I actually a real Christian? Nobody else seems to be getting any grace! I will never understand how this works! God has his own mysterious ways! These and so many more occur every minute of every day around the world!

Doubt, suspicion, fear, remorse, guilt , anger, jealousy, lust, self-incrimination, blame, accusations, judging, criticizing, arguing, questioning, so many very small and slightly negative or less than positive simple little split second thoughts or even a passing momentary feelings. Can suck the ability of grace and The Holy Spirit to connect with you and your life! All these from you or even from someone in your very presence can act as a "SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC" and suck the love of God right out of the room with negativity and poor thoughts..

The devil or satan or as I personally refer to that negative thing as just that “negative energy”, has been defeated and left powerless so very long ago by Christ. So since negative energy has no real big power or even much tangibility to us or in this unnatural of worlds. Then that means the power or things that prevent each of us from becoming closer to God or enjoying grace and having all prayers answered. Must be laid at our own feet! Perhaps after reading this particular theory you may be able to understand how that “SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC" can appear out of nowhere in a spilt second and suck all the positive grace right out of a room or out of your heart or mind! Someone who has doubts or that really is not as close to God as one might think they are.

Only one person in an entire house of people that is the only one who has been saved and prays. They may fall victim to this shop vac every single day! Trying to read a Bible and pray while that person’s entire house hold does nothing but make fun or light of their Christian beliefs and attempts to be with Jesus. In a hospital room praying for health and life while someone in the same room is on the telephone making funeral arrangements. Wanting to fix a marriage and stay connected to a family, praying for a rebirth of the love that made that union to begin with. Yet separation and separate homes emerge along with attorneys and a family divided with the new two separate but equal homes and living arrangements. How can The Holy Spirit help us when our own actions and thoughts are so counterproductive to what we actually pray for? Every one of these little situations I just wrote about are the switch that turns on the "SPRITUAL SHOP VAC" that sucks the positive energy of God’s grace right out of our minds and hearts.

Knowing this and perhaps looking at our lives and the choices and thoughts and decisions we make without any real perception of the scriptures and the total and unconditional belief in Christ can and will cause things to be disconnected and a prayer not even being heard let alone answered. One of the largest and most over looked "SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC" occurrences is so socially acceptable and even advised by clergy and marriage counselors! Prenuptial contracts! The actual creating and signing of an agreement if the marriage does not work or is not what it is supposed to be like, both parties finances and property are protected so when they split up and get a divorce their personal assets and property will be safe. Then they have a ceremony performed by a clergyman professing their devotion to Christ and that they are now a couple and they swear to God! Really? I mean really! C’mon here! Talk about turning on the spiritual shop vac before the wedding. Already making plans for failure! Any reason God or Jesus or even The Holy Spirit is going to be present or answer prayers for that situation? NO!!

Remember this. Your choices and the thoughts you have and the little ideas that pass through your mind everyday are the switch to the "SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC".

Are you thinking and choosing to turn it on? Or thinking and choosing to keep it turned off?
Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to the “SPIRITUAL SHOP VAC" Theory …..


The Pillow Theory
BJ Rickard

The most interesting thing that I personally have experienced since being saved besides my prayers working and being answered, is the fact so many do not enjoy or actually take advantage of "GRACE" !

"GRACE" = The love and favor of God towards man………………… So says my dictionary…

What is "GRACE" to you? Is it no pain? No suffering? A puppy playing? A new born child? Or perhaps that winning lottery ticket? Possibly that perfect sunset in the arms of a lover???…

I am not completely convinced that "GRACE" is supposed to be defined the same by all or that it should be the same definition by all! The relationship between an individual and Christ is meant to be very private and as personal as your own relationship with your own children or your relationship with your own parents… We are children of God and made in his image. So does it not stand the test of time that we all should enjoy and revel in our fathers "GRACE"? Remember this??? "GRACE"= The love and favor of God towards man….. "THE LOVE AND FAVOR OF GOD TOWARDS MAN" ………..

I do not understand why so many hold onto their faith and belief in in Jesus and do not enjoy "GRACE"? They act like it is a china doll that can break or be stolen. Some hold onto the relationship they have with their father like grabbing a pillow and holding it so tight as to never let anyone use it or touch it… To covet it and cherish it yet never doing nothing with it except just that!!! Think about this for a moment if you would please… You have a pillow that is in your home… You carry it where ever you go. You never are without it or never would think of putting it down or leaving it to just sit around the house. So you hold on tight, clutch it and squeeze so tight to make sure everyone in the entire world can see how special this pillow is to you. You brag about your pillow and try to make sure everyone you meet or know, can see with easy ability that this pillow is special and all yours!! A very special pillow and one that is not to be used or taken for granted… Does that sound strange to you? Selfish or possibly narrow minded? If this pillow is as you say and believe it to be, why then not share it or let others enjoy it? Especially if they have no pillow of their own to enjoy and to provide them with comfort, comfort only this particular type of pillow can provide a person…

Consider your belief in Christ? Your faith in "GRACE", why hold it close and not share it… Yes!!,.. testify to its power and show through example “ GRACES” unusual abilities and power… Why not try this? Consider your faith and ability to believe in God’s "GRACE" as a pillow??? Instead of holding it close and bragging about it and not ever sharing it with anyone… Do just the opposite with your pillow!

Take and throw it to a homeless person who just wants loose change. Toss it to the friend or neighbor who just requires a moment of your day and a sympathetic ear. Allow a stranger to not just see your pillow, let them touch it, smell it and even hold it for them to enjoy its special ability to make all feel comfortable who ever for a brief moment recognize its existence. When you come across an injured animal or a person in pain, perhaps an issue or situation of dramatic proportions… Grab your pillow firmly and swing it with all your power and hit them with all you have … Like the most animated and best pillow fight you have ever been involved in!! Literally beating them with your pillow!!! To show how your pillow is invincible and can do no wrong and never does anything but what is the most loving and never ending boundless ability to display "GRACE". Your pillow is a pillow of "GRACE" , a pillow that never wears out! A pillow for all occasions and has the ability to change and fit every décor and occasion.. A pillow that is always there and can provide what comfort or support that is required, even without being asked or convinced to do anything at all… All who see it or know of its power and availability can use this pillow… Plus they can enjoy what you do with their own pillow!!! Now that my friends is "GRACE"!!

Think of the responsibility and availability of the Holy Spirit to replace your pillow in your hands before the pillow you decide to throw even leaves your hand. Once you start throwing pillows around you find that the Holy Spirit appears to be in the pillow manufacturing business!! As fast as you can throw your pillow even more appear for you to throw and toss and beat people senseless with!! Does this not sound like more fun than just holding your pillow so tightly and protecting it so desperately that your own arms are unavailable to offer a hug to a stranger . Or even listen to a friend tell of problems in their own life because your arms are too busy and committed to holding your pillow you never can reach out to anyone… Your ears cannot hear any cries of help because you are too busy telling all who will listen how special your pillow is… Is that really the "GRACE" of Christ? Or perhaps is that the difference between doctrine and a building and the difference between Gospel and a church?? The two do nothing but contradict each other and only one can truly provide any type of comfort or solace to anyone…

My fellow pillow fighters!! May this pillow thrower and proud pillow pounder make a small suggestion to you? Try using your pillow and see how many the Holy Spirit provides and how the pillow you once did nothing with, now does everything that you can possibly create for it to do… Jack up a car in a rain storm; shove the pillow right under the frame of the car! Take your pillow in the grocery store and beat the up everyone’s shopping cart! Stop at an accident and ask if you can provide your pillow for people to sit on since their car seat is gone. Throw your pillow in a nearby lake and forest to help the wild life to enjoy your pillow and play with it. Show someone just how fast the Holy Spirit can make pillows and distribute them everywhere for everyone… Be a pillow user not just a pillow worshiper!!

Actually any pillow can work, possibly "GRACE" is not the actually pillow at all?? Maybe we all should consider "GRACE" is the endless / boundless coating of "Christian Scotch Guard" Provided by Christ for us all… I can make a very compelling argument that "ALL STAINS ARE FORGIVEN"!!!!!…..
God Likes Math Theory
BJ Rickard

I am not sure exactly why but I always get a bit of a smile in my heart when I say "God likes math"! Let’s see,.. "GOD LIKES MATH"?? Yes mathematics!!….. 1+1= a million ?? What math is this ? God’s math!

Perhaps this phrase that I use often does seem puzzling to some? Although since I came up with it I should explain why God likes math. All through the history of man, the Bible and other types of such writings and recorded documents refer to how Christ increases and expands so many things and issues to incalculable ends. One loaf of bread into many, one fish into many, a small amount of water into a bunch of wine all mathematical increases of incalculable measures. A simple saying of “All sins are forgiven “, think for a moment just how mathematical such a phrase is? All…. Sins …. Are….forgiven….!! Forever! Now that is an increase of numbers the like that Einstein would not be able to calculate! Not even the best and largest computer can handle such an "ALL" type of calculation… So, "God likes math"!

Unfortunately like everything, there is a positive and a negative that lurks in the shadows to make sure you always have a choice between good and evil… Simple choices that are not easy truly come into play when you take the phrase god likes math and apply it to your life and the decisions and choices you have made and will make in the future. Before you realize how that applies the results of a mathematical formula usually have already started to take place! Think of it like this, you throw a stone into a pond, and you see and hear the initial splash as the stone hits and enters the still water. Instantly without hesitation the ripples from the stone hitting the surface start to rapidly expand and cause the still waters to be effected by the small stone… Ripples may continue for just a few feet to the entire surface of the pond… Depending on the size of the pond and the depth of the water along with the size of the stone thrown, all go into a mathematical formula that controls and dictates how much effect on the still waters the stone will cause..

Perhaps instead of a small stone you choose to grab a huge rock with both hands and pitch it as far as you can? Now you have a major disturbance and a definite effect on the entire pond! Good or bad effect really depends on your point of view and how you are in the total pond environment. Are you a large fish that just hears all of this and could care less? Or are you a small mosquito that any ripple can cause you great peril and discourse? Can you ever really be sure which you are affecting by throwing any stone or rock? No, all you really can be sure is something is going to occur and through cause and effect there will be some ripples to big waves. All caused by your actions and yours alone to the pond. If you are a conspiracy nut or really into existential philosophy you can even ask the question, what about the stone or rock and their place in this entire scenario? Now that is really a math problem going crazy with ever increasing calculations and number increases! Obviously! Once again, "GOD LIKES MATH"!!!!

Now let us turn away from throwing stones and rocks into a still pond. To our own actions and deeds as people in a society and civilization that is covering most of the earth right now. How easy is it to actually say or do something that seems so simple and cannot have any real effect at all, escalate to keep traveling and expanding to cause an effect in places and in people’s lives you have never met? Possibly a rumor or poor joke? Maybe some action or phrase said out of frustration or anger. It really is true! Bad news travels faster than good news… How sad that such a statement is so true and really describes so much of this unnatural world. Since God likes math, along with negative energy always lurking around to take advantage of a person’s distractions and turning their attention and focus off of Christ and onto this unnatural world.. The likely hood of a simple statement, lie, bad word, rumor, insult, spur of the moment negative utterance. All will actually travel and effect so much more than you realize! The true simplistic mathematics of this has Christ’s grace written all over it. It is endless and limitless and covers so much more than a mere person can actually perceive or understand how it will travel and the true effect it has… Sounds like Jesus to me!

Unfortunately, now it is very easy to see and understand how a building that is not a church at all. Or a TV show that requires money for prayer assistance, the selling of services and goods in the name of Christ can have such a devastating effect with this mathematical equation! How so many are led astray and are taken advantage of without really knowing it, how their own misfortunes and being a victim of greed and false hopes can be spread by them to so many… Then on and on the ripples of the still waters are effected by the casting of a stone or rock! Yes, God likes math! Fortunately all sins are forgiven and in a split second choice salvation is available and waiting for all who choose to acknowledge it and except it. Again another mathematical example of how it ever increases and covers more than one individual can fathom! The power is not in the negative deed, or even in the loving action, the true power is in either occurrence how you never can realize or even consider accurately what will happen or who will be affected by either good or bad. Now that is mathematics the likes that only God can produce or understand…

So if the smallest of negative action can and does have a very powerful potential for expansion and increases beyond any mathematical calculation, then that means a positive and loving action or utterance will also be affected by this very same mathematical equation and theory! Who knows what a kind word to a stranger will do to their day? What giving an extra dollar back to the checkout girl will mean to her or her job? Or perhaps, you stop and offer assistance to a stranger, what that may do or lead to is so momentous as to be a tragic shame not to put into motion. Since we know that God likes math, think of the potential for grace and love if you try to set some type of positive action or loving words into motion! You and I will never know, because of the ripple effect of the still waters of the pond. The small stone to the large rock both have very large and incalculable cause and effect on the ponds entire environment. Then obviously so does loving words and good deeds and actions when we make a simple choice to do such Christ like work, no wonder God likes math!

This is a perfect example of the "GOD LIKES MATH" Theory ……………….


The Click Theory
BJ Rickard

If you were to ask most individuals over the age of 12 years of age, despite their actual location on this most unnatural of worlds. Then also take into consideration any and all spiritual and religious practices and beliefs they might be a part of or believe in. Close to all have some type of an idea and parameters as to what is good and what is evil.  "Sin" or some type of "GRACE" as far as a person’s behavior and thought process goes does have a definite and everlasting impression in all. Murder and mayhem, along with adultery, thievery and of course lies!! Each culture and every language have some type of poor choices and behavior that are looked upon as wrong and hurtful by all concerned…

Why then does the modern "CHRISTIAN MAN and WOMAN" suffer from such a confused position to presume that sin and Grace can be manipulated and actually be justified and rationalized as for their application to choices and behavior?? Where in the Bible or any scripture does the absoluteness of Christ’s love and teachings display or convey that there is room for interpretations and adjustments for each individual’s personal life choices and events? I have found no such book, chapter, or verse that conveys that we as spirits trapped in a body of flesh. That resides in the most unnatural of worlds have such luxuries and abilities to adjust the word of God to suit our own needs and wants… Once you actually read this last sentence or say it. You really get an idea just how far of the mark we as a society and civilization have chosen to go away from Christ..!!

The simplest of choices or everyday decisions make our spirit either be closer or farther from God’s Grace and presence in our life… To steal or not! To love or to hate! To believe or believe nothing at all! The greatest act of Christ’s power is not to make mountains and create unimaginable beauty and heal all who ask. The true power and example of the Lord’s ability and power is to sit by and watch a child made in his likeness do so much pain and damage to their own spirit and others. To see your child made in your own likeness to turn away and do such ridiculous things. Yet at a blink of an eye or the shear moment of this child gone astray to consider their Father’s love is all it takes to fix all and do all!! Is the true testament to love – forgiveness – unlimited abilities and power!! That is JESUS CHRIST !!!!

So now take a small choice or event. Every time you choose other than as a child of God. You are just a small "click" away from the Holy Spirit. Think of a clock, that not every day or not every hour, not even every minute counts! It is the briefest of that one second "click" that determines everything from Grace to sin! Yes seconds! Each little choice or thought can be enough of a distraction to set you on a course of either going in the completely wrong direction or a parallel course away from or with God.. You may be completely unaware of this action that carries you away from God. Possibly you are being led astray by one of many buildings that display their beliefs by how much money you must contribute to be a participant in and to benefit by prayer. Or perhaps Family tradition or your own poor choices and inability to choose wisely, cause you to be just one simple little "click" away from the true ability for your spirit to be with Jesus.

Or think of a compass, you think you are following straight north. Yet your needle is just one needle thickness away from true north. Each step you take sends you on a path farther away from your need to walk towards true north. You pause and every once in a while you glance at your compass to see the needle. You get tired of always checking to make sure your path is one of true and correct steps. So you decide that as long as the compass needle is "close" to north you will get there… Yet every step is a path that eventually puts you miles and miles off course! Then you have no real idea or direction of what north really is. So you just resign yourself to walk the path you created and choose to believe it is the right one for you. That to change direction would be futile and serve no real purpose but to be an example to your own poor choices and bad use of a compass. One little "click" once again has compounded itself into a massive misdirection and a journey that takes your spirit far – far away from God and the ability to go "HOME".. One simple choice, one simple action that is just one small single little "click" just seems so unimportant. To be of any real consequence to Christ ! Yet we are just a small particle in the eye of a loving Farther who sees all, knows all, and loves all! All sins are forgiven and all can be redeemed and salvation belongs to all who seek it and desire its wonderful bounty.

So realizing that you’re simplest of choices those small thoughts that distract you. Take your mind on a little journey that is anything but Christ like. A very little adjustment in your heart to be angry or hate, to be jealous of someone’s good fortune. To want more than what is needed, to act out of malice and not friendship and love. To hurt someone because you are hurting. To raise your fist in anger and contempt instead of reaching your hand out in friendship and respect. The ability to punish a pet yet make sure no man punishes you. All and so many more are just little “clicks” that take us all off course and away from God and his love and grace!  Consider how these little small simple "clicks" add up to be a great divide between you and your spirit being with other spirits and enjoying God’s Love and Grace. The ability for a clock to loose seconds each minute or hour, do add up eventually to not even providing the correct time of day. Or possibly loosing so many little seconds that it is not on the same day!

For a compass to continually be off course that every mile you travel is one more needle thickness off true north. If you do the math. Let’s not forget that "GOD LIKES MATH" !!! If you continually loose a compass needle thickness long enough and consistently enough. You will actually be traveling backwards headed south thinking you are still going north!! How sad would that be to participate in such an endless journey of misery and never knowing God or his spirit world? To travel aimlessly around this unnatural world with only your own misguided compass and a watch that has no real idea of the correct time. So you have no idea what time it actually is, you are clueless to where you are walking. How sad and truly frightening of a life that is or can be for us all…
Now all you have to do is ask! Am I on a wrong path? Is this the wrong time? Can you help me to see and go the right way? ….. Every "click" off course can be completely erased and forgiven with just one really small and loving "click" by Christ….  Ladies and Gentleman, this is the "CLICK THEORY"………
Writing this is a nice simple little positive "click" for me….


The Runway Bunny Theory

How does a person ever really know if the building or church they go to is the one that will actually enhance and promote their desire to be with Christ?? Now factor in how do they know if the person standing up front at the pulpit is genuine or just some self serving trickster out for self gratification and a fast buck? Unfortunately more people than not do not even know to ask such questions let alone seek an answer… Think about what I am saying here! You are being fooled and led astray without your knowledge or consent. You are just doing, living and experiencing what your entire family and social structure have for many years. Even many- many generations fall prey to this basic set of circumstances.

Many years ago while in college I went to the international airport in my part of the country because of a local news story about rabbits on the run ways were freaking jet plane passengers out!! Must admit that does sound very amusing… Here you are ready to blast off and as the plane is going hundreds of miles an hour just before the wheels leave the run way surface you look out your plane window to see a bunch of cute little bunnies scrambling for cover!! Of course your thoughts would be of total devastation and rabbit parts everywhere from being crushed by wheels to being instantly cooked by jet engine blasts!!

All very real concerns yet like most of God’s creatures, when man decides to build or construct something for the convenience of man, God’s creatures pay the ultimate price for such useless progress… After generations and generations of living and breeding in the large grass fields that boarder and crisscross America’s largest airports, rabbits have learned to adapt and learn that even though they exist in a hostile environment and nothing about it is like a forest with streams and peace and tranquility, their shear life is nothing but turmoil and noise! To be born and think that you must always dodge danger and to hear nothing but over whelming screams of pain and noise caused by unnatural of forces is by definition so utterly wrong and unnatural of worlds to be a part of…

These soft little creatures have adapted to their terrible environment systematically through hearing loss to actually being born without the ability to hear!! Yes airport run way rabbits have no ability to hear at all!! The tiny bones inside the inner ear that allow all mammals to hear are not there any longer! Why have something that is not needed and can only cause pain if you try to use it? So through natural selection and a harsh environment rabbits learned not to hear at all… As my Grandmother would say in such a case as this, "the rabbits are deaf as a fence post"!!

On a personal note:.. I sure miss my Grandparents.. If there is any good in me or about me, it is a testament to their love and teachings on how to be a Horseman and a man..

So now you have generation after generation of rabbits being born without the ability to hear. Yet still having those all so recognizable rabbit ears! Apparently man’s influence of a negative nature has limited effects on God’s creatures! The body has not changed only a small part to make life bearable! Yet the ears are there and look and act just perfect. So what happens if the planes stop or the airport stops being used? Eventually the rabbits will again be born with the ability to hear and the ear will be as God intended it to be.

Now;.. Consider yourself for a brief moment in time… Unless you ask or enquire about where you worship, who you choose to follow and the rules along with the pageantry. The quest for you to give and give more money for salvation and God’s grace seems to be paramount. Who is being served? You? Christ? Or the building and trickster who claim they are of God and that building is a church?? After generation and generation of births and baptisms, weddings, then funerals what is a normal Christian to think of where they worship and what they have been led to believe? Without knowing or even having a say in the doctrine or philosophy, it is ingrained and they are born, then live and eventually die thinking something is reality. When in fact it is not that at all. Sounds just like a rabbit living in a runway grass boarder who thinks that is all there is and hearing is unknown to them even though they have ears.

Consider this, why do you have a spirit and are a spirit being yet live in the flesh and believe everything of this unnatural world instead of the real natural spirit world of Christ? Are you a bunny with ears yet no ability to hear? Do you live at an airport runway thinking it is the forest? That is not your fault, yet it is your responsibility to question and to seek the real message of Christ and not just hear the words, enjoy them and live with them in your heart!
Then you will hear what you were always intended to hear,.. your Father’s voice..

The voice of God……………..

So now apply this "RUNWAY BUNNY THEORY" to your life and that of your friends and family… Where are you spiritually? Can you even hear God? Are you even in a mental and spiritual place to consider hearing Jesus?  Are you accepting your environment because it is all you know? Or possibly because of generation after generation have believed it, and worship according to some false doctrine? Only you can answer this or yet actually only you can ask such a serious question about what you perceive to be Christianity and your world and life. You may not like the question; you will at first truly hate the answer.

Through time and enlightenment you will hear and realize that if not for questions you would not have found answers. For without answers you have no knowledge to even understand that there is something to seek and listen to… Ladies and Gentleman,.. This is the "RUNWAY BUNNY THEORY"


The Swamp Theory
BJ Rickard

Reality > 1. The quality or fact of being real 2. A person or thing is real; fact – in reality in fact; actually..

This is the definition of reality in Webster’s New World dictionary yet, is that your personal definition  of what  you believe to be your reality ? Probably not , more like >  work – school – jobs – family – friends – financial obligations – health concerns – just living life. That sounds a little closer to the mark than good old Webster’s Dictionary! Every one of us has their own particular definition and description of what real and reality is to them. If you have lived a life of financial freedom with maids and butlers and unlimited money, that is very real for you. It is all you know of this world. There are other types of lives and worlds that are just as valid and just as real as yours. Rich or poor or just getting by, all are very individual and most certainly they are very tangible and  "real"!!

What if you are born in a swamp ? For generations and generations your entire family lives and works and never leaves the swamp ? Your entire world and social structure is one of mud and water and mosquitoes. Snakes and alligators, things that can poke you , stick you , bite you ! The sun barley creeps through the tall thick lush trees of this wet land world. Your whole life and the way you see the world is based on this belief that the swamp in which you live is the only world there is . Why would a person think otherwise ? All you know , all you have , all that is so very tangible to you is nothing but swamp life in a swamp world. Even if you do not like it ! It is the only life you know there is, no change is possible!

If someone comes along and starts to talk about how there is more? More? More what ?More land that is dry , more people that do not where rubber boots to keep their feet dry. Places that get full sun light all day long . No real danger to look out for. Instead of boats to get around the world , those folks use cars ! The ground is so dry and hard that a boat is useless and you must have a vehicle with rubber tires that can roll on the tough surfaces of the ground. No mud , no swamp ! Just imagine how foreign and strange that would be to a person who actually thinks the only reality there is , is a land called the swamp. Remember the definition above from Webster’s Dictionary , reality is what a person sees or believes to be factual ! Why would someone who has only the world of a swamp ever actually think that there might be a world that could offer so many positive things. That they would be so happy to visit such a place that they might even consider living in the new world of dry land. That they did not know even existed !, yet it sounds so much better than the world they only know.

Yet the swamp is real ! The dry land is just a place that is described to them. The monster we know or the negative energy we are use to. Seems to be easier to except rather than risking a monster or negative energy we have no actual knowledge of ! Why ? Fear of the unknown ? The thought that this new environment ,may be worse than the worst parts of the swamp ? Possibly  ??, Or is it about being comfortable in a world that you know and can live in? Is this more inviting than a world that is foreign to you ? Sure it is ! Something known and something that you are use to is always so much easier to except and to deal with than a mystery reality that someone says is yours for the taking !

Now let’s unfortunately switch some words around from living in a swamp to the following realities of some people. People just like you and me, people who may be under the impression that their particular world is the only world. That the only reality for them is what is listed right here !

A woman who is abused everyday by her husband…

A child that goes through abuse by an adult…

A person who lives each  day with pain …

A person that is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse…

A person who is unable not to gamble everyday…

Someone who lives alone without  any contact with others…

A person who has no home or enough food …

** Someone who has never known God , or even knows that Jesus loves them…

All of these and many more are very real worlds ! Think about how difficult it is for such a person described above to ever think that there is a world of love / peace / safety / and a loving Father who has no limits or boundaries to his grace and love for them ?  The fear they know , the pain they know is easier to live with than something so unusual and different. Day after day , year after year , one generation doing to the future generation what past generation did to the present generation !  Reality is what you see and feel and live in . To suggest that a person’s  entire life and all that they know is not “real “ ? To try and convince them with one visit to a church or one hour of scripture read from a Bible ? To suggest they listen to this radio show on the Internet for answers and salvation ? Does this really seem so easy to complete such a task as to show someone what they  think is the real world is merely just an entire life of bad living ?

To understand this "SWAMP THEORY" is to have some small portion of personal growth and enlightenment, as to each individual’s idea and perception of what reality is ! When discussing the grace and love of Christ. Or even just trying to help someone to be engaged with God, you must take in account that person’s perspective on what they believe to be real ! Is it a world similar to your own ? Or is it a world filled with turmoil and pain and suffering ?

To identify and understand this swamp theory is to understand why for some individuals the idea of trusting God ,and excepting Jesus is just too farfetched of an idea to grasp. Unfortunately some may never come to terms with the idea that the world they know to be true is not actually the reality that God has planned for all of us.

Through example, prayer, faith and an unyielding knowledge of God’s grace. We can always try to show that what is perceived to be reality is not Christ’s reality for all of us……


Nothing But Negative Energy Theory
BJ Rickard

One of the most interesting and now that I have been saved most profound statements I have ever heard is this one. "The greatest trick the devil ever has done is make people think he does not exist".

Really makes you think does it not? Take a moment and reread it, it is right above here………………….

When we were children just learning to walk and talk, we would just touch and get into everything we could get our little hands on! We had no idea of what was hot and would burn our fingers or be sharp and cut us. We would put anything in our mouths, paste-dirt anything; if it fit in it would go! As we matured and was shown what was dangerous and would hurt us, it became know to us to avoid such things. There was no fun or value to expose ourselves to such things that we knew would make us feel pain. Well unless you know who and what negative energy is and how playing into it can adversely affect your spirit and relationship with Christ. How is a person suppose to grow and mature spiritually to have a wonderful relationship with God?

"Negative energy", the devil, satan, demon, evil spirit, and enemy, all refer to one thing and one thing only! The transfer of a person’s thoughts from positive loving thinking, to some sort of thoughts or actions that have absolutely no redeeming qualities to them. Anything thought of or action that is negative and will have nothing but negative reactions and results when recognized or implemented. My traditional Kings James Bible has a dictionary in the back of it; the Bible says this about negative energy.

devil >… "The spirit or personification of evil, sometimes called satan"……. Enough said…

I WILL NOT > give such negative energy any credit or even respect! I will never call it by a name or when writing for this site will I never capitalize any name or reference to such weak and negative energy! To do so is in itself is a type of acknowledgment. God has forgiven us for all our sins! The blood of his son Jesus washed away such perils and we have God’s grace eternally because it. Negative energy is not something of power; the scriptures have shown us that negative energy has no power over us. No real abilities or way to control us at all. Then what must we conclude from such teachings and writings?

If we do come across such negative energy or something that is of an ungodly nature or form. Then since negative energy cannot on its own manifest such instants, then the only conclusion left is that we ourselves have made a simple choice to participate in it or to acknowledge its tangibility and existence. Negative energy can be created anywhere and anytime. It really does not take much effort to be lured into many types of situations and frames of your mind to allow yourself to participate and fall prey to negative energy. Since “negative energy” has no power or real ability to do anything at all on its own. We must come to the conclusion without our own individual participation negative energy is doomed to never be present in our lives. I could explain this forever using all sorts of examples and reasons for being aware of such pitfalls that can block your prayers and keep your true self, your spirit from being with God. That in itself to me is giving negative energy to much attention and credit. I instead am going to list just a few words that conjure up such energy. Along with your participation with the Internet Radio Show this will do just fine…..

greed, anger, hate, vanity, ego, pride, gluttony, selfish, petty, jealousy, envy, covet, rage, violence, theft, lies, revenge, judging, cruelty, despise, abusive, cold hearted, sneaky, rumors, unforgiving, loveless, etc.

Webster’s New World Dictionary.. "sin" > 1. The willful breaking of religious or moral law 2. any offense or fault, to commit a sin..

"Sounds just like negative energy to me", nothing that is positive or is of GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT.

Ranger Theory
BJ Rickard

"RANGER" = A female Chocolate Labrador retriever… Interestingly enough is the different ways that are common knowledge or accepted practices about a person’s relationship with God. I am referring to the spirit of a person, the true person or spirit essence of who we are in our hearts and our soul. Actually what Christ is interested in also loving and having a relationship with us not the outside flesh that is of this world. Our spirit to the natural world is in a foreign place, stuck with no way of expression or a connection to God. Yet it is the simple choices of this unnatural world that have a profound and very large influence on our spirit and our relationship with Christ! Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Ranger Theory!!!!…….

I have a dog that I get when it is just weaned from its mother, a puppy that knows virtually nothing. I spend as much time as I possibly can training and loving this puppy, teaching my Ranger to do all sorts of wonders; tricks and tasks that enriches both of our lives forever. We form a strong bond over the years, learning from each other and really enjoying the relationship and all that has occurred between us because of our commitment to each other. Some people find out what a wonderful relationship they can have with a dog. So now they know what a Ranger is, they desire their own Ranger so they too can have such a loving bond in their own life. What benefits them to start from scratch with their own puppy and learn to do all the tricks and tasks alone and at their own pace? Or to just get a book that tells what their Ranger can do? Without any bond or history of communication and true relationship. Possibly they will get their Ranger to do some minor tricks, yet they will never know the true Ranger and the Ranger will never know them as well either. Now replace the word "Ranger" with the word "SPIRIT"!

Knowing God and knowing you have a spirit is not the desired goal. Yes it is a very wonderful feeling to know you have a spirit and to know there is a God in your life. Yet what do you do to perfect this relationship or even develop it to see just how far you can go? I mean how about worshiping Jesus to get as close as you can to God and really know the Holy Spirit in your day to day life? Also what simple choices do you make that either slow down or even prevent you from experiencing this relationship? Could you ever train Ranger to do anything at all if the dog was tied to a tree 24/7? What if you were abusive and did terrible things to the dog? Would the dog want to be with you or just want to ignore you? If Ranger saw you yelling and screaming and being crazy to others would your Ranger want you to stay away due to your behavior towards others? Absolutely your Ranger would want to avoid you and would not be interested in any type of bond or relationship under such circumstances.

Then why would God –Jesus – The Holy Spirit desire to be with you or give you any grace if you willing make simple choices that push that grace away? That thoughts and feelings with real actions can make a very big impact on your spirit and your relationship with Christ! It seems to be missed by so many people these days. Some people are under the assumption that if you know you have a spirit, you know there is a God, that is all you have to do and the rest is not really necessary at all. Well let’s go back to Ranger for a moment. If you get a puppy and know the puppy is yours? Is that really all there is to having a puppy around? Is that enough to enjoy the puppy and to really have fun with it or bond with it? NO!

Then why would it be enough for your spirit and your relationship with God? It is not even close to being enough, not even being close to actually having a relationship with God. Plus what if you feed another’s Ranger bad snacks? Or you kick their Ranger; possibly you try to influence the training and Relationship of their own Ranger instead of focusing on your Ranger? Now you are ignoring your own dog to interfere with someone else’s dog. Both your dog and their dog suffer for your cruelty and interfering ways. So now one more time let’s replace Ranger with the word Spirit. Your actions and the things you do and say can not only affect your own spirit and relationship with God. You can actually negatively affect someone else’s relationship with their spirit and God as well as your own negative actions will affect your relationship with God!

Acknowledging that you are a spirit being and that God loves you is a very wonderful thing. Yet it just literally opens the door to your maturity as a Christian. Through prayer and meditation, through knowledge and putting into practice what you learn. Only then can you really have the bond I am writing about. A relationship that is yours and yours alone! Every person young or old must realize they have their own spirit and need to focus on that and only that. Sure you can spread the word of God and you are suppose to do just that, yet each person has to make a simple choice to open their heart and minds to the word and love of God’s grace. This is something that cannot be pushed down someone’s throat, or a person can be made to believe! A person must have a genuine desire to cultivate such a relationship. A simple choice to have a relationship and be born again in the grace of God!

Do you really think anyone could just drop off a puppy at someone’s house and they would accept it? They might just ignore it and do nothing to bond to it or to love it. They may acknowledge it; they may even learn to like it. Yet they will never be as close to it as you can be with your own RANGER that you make a simple choice to be a part of each other’s life! Take a moment and reflect on your own spirit and what type or do you even have a relationship with God? The Abiding Presence Internet radio show is right here to help you if you make a simple choice to explore your own spirit and seek Gods grace…

BY – The – WAY… D O G spelled backwards spells GOD! … Enjoy your Ranger may your bond never waver.


What Is "Natural" — "Unnatural" — "Supernatural"?
BJ Rickard

When things go wrong, unfortunately most people just say "it’s only natural"! Natural, what is natural? Death, sickness, disease, violence, lies, thievery, calamity, actually everything and anything bad, does seem to fall under the category of “natural “! Yet what if you look at this world from the point of view of Christ? A view of this world by the "spirit" of a man how much different can that be than most people’s view of the world? How much of this world and the tragedy in it are really natural? If a person was to spend much time reading the Bible and coming to terms with God’s grace. This world is anything but natural; it is this world that is unnatural!

"UNNATURAL" ??? Sure think about this for a moment. Natural should be pleasant and comforting and a place of peace and harmony. Natural should be something that is so a part of you, that not to have it or to be experiencing it would be unfamiliar territory. Yet for some reason society has become so distorted that life and this world with all the trouble and heart ache is now considered to be natural. Yet a place or experience that leaves you wanting for nothing because of the shear love and peace of it is considered the unnatural realm.

Truly think about this, naturally Jesus died for our sins. God’s grace naturally is for all to enjoy and benefit from. Naturally The Holy Spirit is watching over all of us. To protect us and to answer our prayers. Well that sure sounds more natural than this world does. Maybe you might consider changing your vocabulary around just a bit? Just enough to dismiss the world’s drama and problems as unnatural. Then in the same instant, start to look at God’s grace and love as the natural place for all of his children to be.  Sounds natural, makes sense, obviously it naturally would!

As for the "SUPERNATURAL"!!! We have the "unnatural" world of the flesh and of man’s troubles and sins. Then we have God’s love and grace for his children as the "natural" world. Obviously by now, you must consider that "supernatural" is a phrase or term that no longer applies to those of you who make a simple choice to see this world from a spirits point of view. Instead of a sinful mans point of view. When God and Jesus along with the Holy Spirit are in your life. Nothing is too big or too difficult to deal with. Since God has no limits or boundaries, naturally all is possible with His grace and love for us all! Sounds natural and the way this world and your life are suppose to be.  So supernatural is a term that does not need mentioning ever again when thinking of Jesus or praying to God!

"NATURAL"= God’s love and grace, everything that is of the spirit and of Heaven!

"UNNATURAL"= everything of this world and of the flesh and not of CHRIST!

"SUPERNATURAL"= Nothing and no place, just a word to make people think God’s love is not for all!

Just something for you to consider.


Why Have You Stopped Believing?
BJ Rickard

Why have you stopped believing ?

Why have you not considered there is more ?

Why have you lost your basic sense of right and wrong ?

Why have you decided to ignore my signs of love ?

Why have you pulled away from life ?

Why have you put so much into motion without seeing the outcome? Do you actually think your life does not matter or is not connected to others ?  Is short term superficial gratification more alluring than my love and grace? You once would not think of closing your eyes and laying your head on a pillow without acknowledging my presence in your life. Yet now that you have spent time in the world of discontent and constant turmoil , you have turned your attentions to folly and pain. The feeling of emptiness and the look in your eyes of a person lost. Does this face in the mirror not bring you to a point of such profound dissatisfaction that you yearn for something more pleasing to the heart? Or have you opened your mind to the worlds simple pleasures, which always closes your spirit to the most simple and most important connection for all. Your actions cause such pain to your heart along with those that you come in contact with. Unfortunately I do not know you any longer. Your choices have cast our connection to the wind like a dried leaf who looses it’s attachment to the tree that grew it. Once the connection is is broken the single dried leaf is left to be carried where ever the cold winds of winter send it. Yet it would seem that there are many such leaves. Yet in reality they each bare the same mark of no eternal life and are truly disconnected from their maker. Each is truly alone and cast out beyond redemption.

Yet your fate is still not so bleak as these fallen leaves, since you are my child I will open my heart and hands to welcome you home. I wait patiently for this time… Although I witness your simple choices that continue to prevent such a glorious and most natural of reunions. I stand stead fast to make sure that I am here for you when you recognize that we are no longer together. I fear such a time of love will pass like so many leaves being carried by the winds of winter. For the tree of life never allows for its leaves to be vulnerable to such frigid temperatures and bitter winds as the world provides you at this time.
Why have you chose to be such a lonely lifeless leaf ???? To be set adrift in a world that has nothing to offer the spirit but emotional turmoil and heart ache? The longer you are carried by such winds, the easier it becomes for us to forget we were ever connected. Yet you will always be welcome to thrive and be attached to the tree that you have left behind. Ask and it will be granted, open your heart and I will fill it with love. Along with all that is needed and wanted by the spirit that is bound inside you by your simple choices of worldly things and desires…

Why have you not asked for my grace and love ??…………..Why have you my child adrift ??


There Is A Time
BJ Rickard

There is a time in everyone’s life when there are things that come across a person’s memory. Hopefully it is of times that have gone by and were fun and you wish you could be right back there again to re-live such a precious memory. Although that sounds great, usually such moments are rare in a person’s day to day thoughts. Most people find themselves reflecting on moments where they had been wrong. Or times gone by where they did and said things they wish they could take back or just completely forget that they even said and did such a sad – sad thing. "Do over’s" and "start over’s" stop as soon as an individual takes that first step off the school yard and playground into life. Once you are an adult no such luck or chance to do the things we regret over again. I myself would like to have such ability. It would make it easier to look in my bathroom mirror on several occasions through my life.

This being said, there is a much better system in place than "start over’s" and "do over’s". Even better than the most famous of life momentary breaks, the infamous "timeout"!! All a person has to do is actually make a simple choice to rely on the Bible and realize it does work. God does forgive our sins, large or small is not measured or kept track of. Sin is sin and forgiveness is forgiveness for all that is sin. God sacrificed his son for the sole purpose of using Jesus blood to wash away from us what we put upon ourselves otherwise known as sin. What a wonderful gift for a loving Father to a child. Why so many do not take this seriously or they even discount the validity of such a loving gift. May be the greatest of sins and regrets any man has ever committed! Thankfully I personally do not have to concern myself with such a salty thought or decision. By-the By,.. Neither does anyone else. That is God’s judgment!

We all bare a very fundamental fiduciary responsibility to act a certain way. To speak and live our lives with a certain type of dignity and style, economic standing and color of one’s skin notwithstanding. These are not precursors to this scale of how a person moves through this unnatural of worlds we walk in. The scale is a very simple one that covers all and protects all! Just give yourself to Jesus, embrace God’s grace and recognize others as your brothers and sisters. Children of a very loving and limitless Father who loves all of us with immeasurable accuracy and boundless abilities. To forgive – to heal –to provide all that is needed, to answer all prayers and to welcome all His children "HOME" with grace and never ending love! Once you try this simple process, "do over’s" and "start over’s" along with "timeouts" will never be used let alone even considered.


Unlimited Spiritual Rungs
BJ Rickard

The use of a ladder is to climb up it to achieve something that is without it virtually impossible to reach. To reach and grasp each rung of a ladder is to actually lift your entire body to a new level of distance from the ground below. While holding each higher rung with your hands, to then use your legs to take a step upwards. Once you start if you do not slow down or bother to stop momentarily to look down or to see what you can now see do to the new higher perspective. A person can actually really climb a ladder very quickly and most efficiently! I myself am very afraid of heights! Whether it is a small six foot ladder, or a high reaching extension ladder that has multiple ladders all connected to reach very high. I seldom find myself ever really climbing them very fast or even really to their full potential to provide me with the ability to see and reach which is otherwise unattainable while I am standing on the ground.

I believe there is a "SPIRITUAL LADDER", a ladder that is constructed from the most holly of materials. A ladder that through the building of a relationship with Christ can be present 24/7 in an individual’s life, this ladder is made of the blood of Jesus washing away our sins. The grace of God to be with us always, the Holy Spirits love to be with us to put into action the thoughts and desires of our prayers. This ladder is as individual as our finger prints to each and every one of us. The ability to climb this ladder is equal and provided to all who choose to accept Christ as their redeemer and Father. This ladder through prayer and meditation can be the way a person climbs up from this most unnatural of worlds to be closer to God and his grace for each and every one of us.

Yet I believe there is a type of fear with this type of ladder. The fear that I suffer from is being up high and then looking down. This does pose a true limiter in my ability to achieve certain things that are only obtainable by climbing and reaching. The trimming of the tree branches, the positioning of the Christmas decorations and lights on buildings around the ranch. The cleaning of windows on the second floor of a home or barn, to me these appear to be so dangerous and something that I am not capable of doing. Then when someone on the ranch does these tasks with ease and with no consequences, I feel a bit foolish and also slightly less of a man than the people who I watched climb to heights that I ‘m not capable of. It may be the same with the “SPIRITUAL LADDER “? Do individuals perceive that there ladder is not capable of such heights as others? Or do they feel they do not have that connection with God to climb the ladder of grace? The rungs of this most precious of climbing devices are too far apart? To difficult to reach or grab a hold of?, the chance of reaching these rungs is only for those few who have earned it or who have spent a life time achieving such abilities to climb closer to Jesus?

Perhaps as a person reaches up to grasp the next rung, they stop and look around. Possibly they feel their own spiritual ladder is at its peak. They are high enough and can actually see and touch God in a way that others cannot. Or a person just has some sort of block that presents its self in a manner that prevents their personal ladder from achieving more than where they currently are… ?? Any type of stop or simple choice to not reach higher is so disappointing to God. To say your spiritual ladder has limits is to saw Christ has limits! To actually testify by your own fear of heights or to just stop reaching in a way is a testament to the grace of God to have a peak or limit! Which then means you can only go so far and only to a specific place in your relationship with God. There are no limits to God’s love and grace for us! Jesus does not acknowledge such a ladder that ends. If a person makes a simple choice to start climbing their spiritual ladder to become closer to God, the Holy Spirit will be right below you to make sure you never fall and never cannot reach and step higher when you so desire ! The Holy Spirit will always provide the power and love to make your desire to reach each rung that you extend your arms and heart to grasp not just possible but a true accomplishment! Once a person starts to climb, God will make you see that only you and this unnatural world can put a limit or peak to the rungs on your own ladder.  Every time you reach towards God he reaches out for you by providing a rung that will lift your spirit closer to him! After awhile you will climb faster and faster, unconsciously reaching for the next rung because God’s grace is with every step up that you take!

Just imagine reaching out for God and he is there for you to grab! Both hands feel the grace and love as you squeeze tightly to allow your legs to step up so you can grab again! Again and again you climb. Before long you have no desire to see what you have left behind or could see. Why? It would mean stopping and looking backwards and downwards, which you now know is why you are climbing in the first place. You have an inner desire to be closer to Christ and leave the unnatural world behind! Take a moment and think about your own "SPIRITUAL LADDER". Do you have one? Does it have limitations? Are you stuck or fearful of the climb? I myself,… I may be unable to trim a tree or clean windows around the ranch. I can say with all certainty that I am climbing at the speed of light towards God. Every rung is closer and more appealing. As I grab I can feel the love and grace of Christ! Join me! We will climb together …………….. Something to consider as you check out your OWN "SPIRITUAL LADDER".


Is It A Building Or A Church?
BJ Rickard

This question can only be answered by each and every one of you who take the time to read this particular letter and take this question into consideration! Although unfortunately part of the problem is with the ability of the Bible and turning the scriptures into doctrine. It has become amazingly easy to fool so many centuries of Christians. I cannot stress enough the aptitude of so many dishonest people to turn a building into a church. Along with taking a church and it reverting back to just a building without any help from the Holy Spirit or assistance of negative energy at all… It seems anyone can just manipulate what you would think is sacred, yet so many buildings that are vacant of any presence of Christ…These buildings are considered the only place that you can actually commune with Jesus! How sad it is that so many innocent children of God are led astray by so few…

Jesus had no specific location or structure that was designated as the official location to perform his father’s works and participate in the Holy Spirits actions. Jesus took the message of his Father to the people where they were. In fields, barns, stables, slaves doing their masters bidding. He required nothing of anyone except to open their heart and receive their makers love and grace. To make sure to take the time to give thanks for the true blessings in life! A place of shade in the summer, small places to block the harsh winds of winter, to provide enough to live on and possibly to give to those who have none. All of which took place and worked very effectively without the pageantry and circumstance of a building and dramatic proclamations as this is where God is!!!

How sadly perverse is it that so many buildings of all shapes and sizes over the many years have been constructed with the sole purpose of dividing people and showing exclusivity to Christ! I will grant you that scripture does refer to a church as a place to worship God and acknowledge his presence. Although most buildings are about financial gain along with the ability to provide a message of not grace but of obedience and guilt for a sinful life. What about any of those messages even sounds like a message of forgiveness and love? More a message of we know what we must do and say to manipulate your worship to meet the demands of our worldly agenda! Send your hard earned dollars so we can pray for you! Where in scripture does it say pay any tangible item at all, let alone of some value to prime the pump for a prayer to be performed and have any success of being answered by The Holy Spirit?

A "CHURCH" would never consider such an insult and ridiculous worldly lie. Yet a "building" can be whatever it needs to be for any purpose that its occupant’s desire. Unfortunately there are so many more buildings than churches at this time of man walking this earth! What is more tragic to Christ is not that so few design and execute such a worldly trick on fellow children of God. The true sadness to Jesus is the lack of recognition by so called worshipers and believers in the faith of God’s grace and love. There is always a basic fundamental responsibility by each child of God to take note of God’s handy work and testify of his love for us all. Then at the same time to recognize negative energy and false prophets and the doctrine as such, and then protect their own spirit from being distracted and focused other places than focused on the spirit of God! Any building is a church when a Christian crosses the threshold and begins worshiping God. Any church can become a building when God’s presence is over shadowed by greed and their own desire to covet a position of authority. To propel one’s self above their own station in Christ’s eyes to an exalted position of knowledge and social standing of their fellow Christians, is without a doubt one of the largest and oldest most effective road blocks that keeps a spirit from the spirit world.

To question whether a building is a church or a building is not wrong or a sin. It is not an insult to God! It is a proclamation that your spirit is seeking Gods grace and nothing else. You will not be deceived or taken advantage of from anyone. For if it truly is a church, what possible harm is there in answering that question. Is this a church or a building with yes! This is a church!! You have just testified to Gods glory and presence by stating it is a church. Now if the same question is asked? It is met with a question or long drawn out answer that is not direct and to the point. That structure must be nothing more than, a simple building full to the rafters with mislead Individuals! Take note fellow Christians and prepare yourself not for this question. Prepare yourself for the answer, for what shall you do and say if you know in your heart the answer is NO??? THIS IS NOT A CHURCH!!


Swimming Against The Current
BJ Rickard

It must be strange to be a trout or a salmon? To every year go back to where you come from. Think about it to actually be born and venture out into the world, only to return home upstream to die. I am sure on some fish type of reality and realm these two species of fish are looked upon with some ridicule and amusement. How silly to try so hard and believe in so much as to make a drastic change to go home! Of all the places you can travel, to make the ultimate sacrifice to just go home? Even to a more intelligent species as man. This swimming upstream and to return were you came from seems a bit dramatic and also has a very small amount of futility in it.

Is the plight of man not as this? Do we not try to strive to go home? Do we not once the world seems to leave us vacant, do we not want to find what seems to be lost? Are we not trying to become closer to Christ and have a wonderful relationship that brings us comfort and joy? It is by definition a type of traveling home. Home being where are Father is, Home being where are soul belongs. Home is where the heart is! Interestingly enough is that particular saying…

"HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS" ????? Home is where my heart is???? Home??…. Heart >????

Could it be that if our hearts are in this most unnatural of worlds, we are denied the ability to go home to God? By now after reading all of the "Theories" and "For Your Considerations" that I have penned along with being on the radio show with Jim. You are fully aware of what and where unnatural and natural starts and ends. The most basic of basic philosophies I stand by! That this world of strife and sin is the unnatural of worlds and the love and grace of Christ is the most natural of worlds! As the good book states in many places and in many ways,

"NOTHING OF THIS WORLD IS GOOD"! Nothing??? Are spirits are of God’s world! Not this world.

Now take yourself and apply it to the fish that swim against the current to go home! Despite what everyone else is doing or saying, you know in your heart that this world is not fulfilling your spirits hunger for the righteousness of Jesus! There are so many times in your life when everything and everyone does nothing for the emptiness you feel deep inside of your core. That core is the spirit aching to be with Christ and enjoy the Father’s grace. You can only find such divine love by swimming against the current of this world. Be different! Do as your heart guided you. Not what others are doing or choosing for themselves.

You know now that your trip home is not easy! It may be simple yet not easy! You must let go of everything of this world and to travel alone to go to the Home of your true maker and King. It is all that is on your mind and in your heart? Once you have it in your heart, the mind has no choice but to focus with the heart and spirit. This gives you the will power to achieve what so few ever even realize is there. Let alone actually try to enjoy it and to make it home… Go Home! Go Home right now!

Swim upstream against the current of sin and discontentment. Relax and put your fait and belief in the power of Te Holy Spirit to carry you all the way upstream Home! To be where you came from, remember we are made in his image and we can do greater works than his son! Do the greatest work of all!! Make a simple choice to buck the system, blank out all of those who make fun of your Christianity and your desire to be with God. Let no man or woman stand in your way from enjoying your Home. Stay the course and swim!! Swim as fast as you can. God’s grace will make your journey home seem effortless and very fast, all you have to do is choose to go the direction that is so profoundly opposite of everything about this most unnatural of worlds.. You will not be swimming alone! I and others along with The Holy Spirit will be beside you to enjoy the swim Home together…………


The Meaning Of Words
BJ Rickard

The interesting thing about "WORDS" is how much value and tangibility that people put into the word, and not the meaning or actual use of the letters and sounds it takes to develop the sound that comes out of a person’s mouth.. Words mean so many separate and distinct things to, so many types of people and situations… English or Spanish or French does not necessarily make a word powerful or make its individual meaning be universal l! Some countries and even some entire civilizations have words that do not transcend to other languages or have any meaning good or bad anywhere but where the word is spoken and recognized as something tangible… Now consider how a word can change through the evolution and forward progress of time and generational growth of a particular country or civilization.

In the United States, we have so many words and phrases that have over time and the modernization and evolution of this country have been distorted and completely manipulated into entire new meanings and definitions. Sometimes the change is prompted by children, or perhaps regional slang to our own type of "ENGLISH"  … The English used in the U.S. is so much different than the English used in Great Britain , or the English used in Australia. Now interject other countries and regional languages. So much variances and completely new and separate meanings… Some words in the U.S. will be an insult or something to make a person’s blood boil. Yet will have a completely other meaning somewhere else in the unnatural world where the same word spelled the same pronounced the same means something entirely different than in the U.S.

Apply these hard truths and facts to "GOD’S WORDS"  or "THE BIBLE" ???? How easily through the ages the writing and re-writing and editing of the Bible could have been distorted and words changed at that particular time of man’s evolution and time period.. Consider your own life? Think back to your childhood when listening to your Grand Parents speak and use of words. To the words and slang you yourself used in High school! Now you’re an adult, consider your vocabulary compared to that of someone around 12 to 18 years of age? Factor in that we are just discussing 3 generations over about 30 to 50 years!! Now take this and calculate over 2,000 years and so many different languages and civilizations and all the countries that add up to and encompass???  Is there a chance for change and manipulation of a single words meaning and value????

Now that I have your attention and your mind is on the subject of this very interesting and thought provoking subject… I will give a few very interesting uses of words and how over time and man’s ability to really screw things up for no reason at all… You will take words more seriously and possibly give certain words no care or concern at all! Others may become so valuable that you will cherish the sound of them being spoken…. I will start with some. Let’s say "innocent" words that seem so simple and should not cause any confusion or damage in their usage… Yet they are just words and all words are capable of separate meanings and even good or bad usage and interpretation by many people in many countries!! With no real reason other than the world is very capable of confusion and distorting everyone and everything… Only Christ spirit world is without such drama and confusion …

BOOT > In this the U.S. = type of shoe > England it is the storage area or trunk of a vehicle..
STRAPPED > In the U.S. = carrying a gun > 20 years ago tied down or secured with straps..
COOL > In the U.S. = nice / fancy > 50 years ago something that is not hot or warm in temperature..
CHILLING > In the U.S. = relaxing moment > 50 years ago allowing something to be cooled down ..
GAY > In the U.S. = same sex partners > 60 years ago you are in a nice happy mood having fun..
QUEER > In the U.S. = something wrong or peculiar/ odd > Now “ gay “ same sex lovers..
BOOKED > In the U.S. = arrested by police > 100 years ago , saved and reading the Bible..

The above simple words are so distorted and taken out of their original meaning and made to become something else with unusually negative energy meanings and purposes..  This is man’s doing not the power of Christ or negative energy.. This is someone’s idea of a good thing to do …

This is a factual and true instance of how man’s distortion and basic meanness for his fellow man make something so simple, and even helpful into an insult. Then eventually over the evolution of man and the advancement of civilization turns a word into one of the most worldwide used words that embarrass some. Others it brings it to mean insults and even to violence over something so long ago was made "right" by one man then made "wrong" by another man…  To what purpose or to what end does word manipulation takes place ??

The manipulation and changing of words is never more prevalent than in the word of God.. Asking for money so a team of strangers will pray for you.. To require an offering to furnish a building with items and goods that have nothing to do with salvation or helping a lost spirit to be close to God ! To take words and write books and songs that lift up a particular type of belief or building instead of proclaim in Jesus sacrifices and the word of God as love and never ending grace available to all.. To actually take scripture and change it and distort with the sole purpose of personal gain and to exalt themselves instead of Chris t, never in history has so much word manipulation and distortion been taking place..

The use of electricity and television, radio, telephones, the Internet… All these man made devices are the help that negative thoughts and energy need to produce innocent words into hateful and manipulative dangerous sentences and massages!!! The true power of a word is not the word it self ,.. or the way it is spelled .. The power does not come from it’ meaning either.. The true power of a word is the intent to convey a particular message or point of view by the person speaking the word.. To produce a certain feeling or response in a person hearing or reading the word… That ladies And Gentleman is the power of a word.. The power of God is not the words in the Bible,.. It is the unlimited and boundless power of the everlasting spirit behind the words that is the power..

Perhaps that is the definition between "Doctrine" and "Spiritual" interpretation of the Bible?? One uses the words for the progress and manipulation of man.. The other uses the words for the progress and salvation of the spirit….

See how I used simple innocent words to give you this letter for your consideration ???

How does my use of words make you think and feel  ???

How do your own use of words make others think and feel  ??

Choose wisely as to the use of words that you use and the message you choose to convey….



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